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Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Way Into the Gray Nature

Oh God! I'm lost; there is no where to go,
Amidst the dark clouds, even the trees do not seem to lend a follow.

No marks or marlins to guide the ship; so I move on,
Even the winds which carried us home; are now gone.

I see the soil, so smooth and brown,
But wait, what? My nose fails cause there's no smell,
Oh! I realized-its not bathed in the rain,
Oh! I lost the place again!

Proper glimpse of plants-so sharp, so lively,
But wait, what? there's no life within;
An acclaimed murderer who did his delivery
Dew drops no longer take there a halt,
Was it the only victim of the bolt?
Oh! I see, they feed on the lifeless fertilizers, and not to the sunshine they look,
They might have forgotten, that their leaves were the once the best cook.

I look at the gardens, still awake,
But wait, what? Are my ears failing?
Cause there's no sound of crazy grasshoppers,
No birds on the trees, or no bats wailing.
Bees left the roses, the sunflower stands without the stick of the sun,
No picnic stands, no bed of grasses, and neither the squirrels to spoil the bun.

(Written by me somewhere between 2008-2010. Though its half and I didnt continue to write it, but it made a beautiful smile on my face, and let me embrace the old me that went missing)

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