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Monday, 30 April 2012

The Re-birth

I was running from the dark,
In the search of some sparks,
The dark clouds above had surrounded me from everywhere,
So that I wasn't able to see any marks.

I ran, and ran with all my might,
But still there were the same things in the sight,
And somehow, between the dark sponges I thought,
I would never be able to reach the lights.

My bones had given the answer,
Only the things that made me run was my Soul,
The very guilt in my heart-"I was dark before"
Was the only thing to help me reach the goal.

I felt like I was running a marathon, with no one but myself,
But still the victory cup lay as far as it was before;
I felt like it was dusk- The sun I saw was going to set,
And heard the king of dark- The evil's roar.

Suddenly I saw a stone, which was shining,
As brighter as my guilty heart, which before was dim,
I found that the stone shone brighter and brighter
As my hope and faith increased in Him.

As it become brighter, I was forced to close my eyes,
My leg struck the stone and I fell from my fly,
I was on the grounds, not able to see anymore,
It was the end, I thought; the fruit of what I did sow.

I laid there helpless and unaware of where I was,
So, I tried and opened my eyes.

I saw a brown, wrinkled hand stretched out before me,
With no opinions in my heart left, I touched it gently;
It felt as soft as feathers
Then I realized, they were no one else's than my Almighty Father's.

He helped me stand up, as the wings does the bird,
I stood up and saw the beautiful ever garden of which I had never before heard,
And besides the enormous tree, underneath which I laid,
I found the same stone, which in my path had burned.

I saw up, and the bright had replaced the dark,
The sky carrying hundreds of birds and their barks,

I felt myself being born again,
I had the full energy as that of the rain,
I wanted to run, to skip and fly high,
Cause I was in the world, where there was nothing to lose nor to gain.

Then I turned and saw my soldier besides,
He smiled and said,- 'My child, here resides,
All my children, and my friends, and angels,
You too are welcome to stay here, and sit by my sides'.

'For every child is mine no matter what,
I'll always be here to forgive your mistakes lot,
I'm your creator, your Father. And whether or not,
you realize, I'll always be the guiding Shepherd to my goats'.


Ishpal singh Sunny said...

A superb interpretation of thoughts in simple soothing words !
Superlike !!!!!!

Marley's Forever said...

Thnx buddy.... :) :)