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Monday, 28 November 2011

Let your Heart Live!

You know why most people fail out?
Its because they never did what they liked,

They just did what the people around them would like to see, hear, read.
I don't at all favor the attitude-
'Give what the audience asks'
I must say, instead of giving voices to their needs,
Give the voice to your heart.
Let it speak, fly over the skies.
Sing your song, not others',
Write your thoughts, not the words for others,
Dance for yourself, not for those hundred eyes watching you.
Create a piece of art that makes your eyes glow out with happiness, and forget about the stares of others.
Don't let yourself be mum, when the God asks you-
'What you did for yourself?'
Love someone you truly want to be with, don't think of the comments of others
( As i disregard the comments of me loving a dog )
Run out to the new green grass...
God will be happier, if your heart's running with you..
And most of all, Earth would be a greater place to live in,
where the Farmer is happy singing the song, while he cuts out the crop,
the children are happy playing games and learning facts,
the poet is happily writing the songs of his heart,
where the only power ruling is
Happiness and Love.

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