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Saturday, 26 November 2011

With Mommy..

I dig my legs in the hot sands,
facing the part of nature that stands;
With my mother on my sides,
Who ruffles my hairs, with the softest of her hands.

In spite of the darkness all above,
I can still see her face aglow with love;
The orange lights of the drowning sun,
Adds a graceful beauty to her face that touches every nerve.

As this sun, she too seems much older,
But as it is for the people, she's always been the same;
And as the sun rises everyday for the life,
She too is always there for mine.

She doesn't teach me A, B, C, D,
nor she teaches science to me;
But sitting there she tells me about the wide skies,
The great mountains, the wonderful animals and the deep seas.

Maybe she's illiterate,
But she knows the whole book of nature;
With which she guides me,
and which makes her my best ever teacher.

She holds my hands when I am not able to walk,
and stops my tears for a good inspiring talk;
She reaches whenever i need her,
With nothing to stop, not even the time of the clock.

When she smiles at me,
I feel the whole world smiling at me;
And with her hands of blessings on my head,
I feel myself bowing before 'HARI' (God).

Sitting there for hours and hours,
We'd look at the beauty of those tiny stars;
And also birds carrying home food, for their little ones
Like mom bringing for me, the chocolate bars.

Now many years have passed, I am no more a kid,
But all throughout  my life I've dreamed this;
That one day I'll have her back,
And we'll sit digging our toes in the front of the same sun and on the same beach. 

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