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Saturday, 26 November 2011

There's No Good-Bye.

Like taking away pearls from the skies,
To make it rain again,
Sometimes, some hands are meant to be waving,
And life's no where for a while;

But my boy, be assured-
There's no Good-Bye.

On the grounds when the Autumn leaves fly,
You're assured the new pink babies are alive;
Still on the sand when your castle shines,
You know you got the place, cause others' were washed with knives.

So, there's no need to cry,
There's no Good-Bye.

Nights call and the day knows she doesn't need to stay,
She goes but she comes away;
You gotta go now, work time again, leave your dog in his den,
Still you kiss him, there's no need to say,

Cause he knows at the end, you'll make his food fry;
So, there's no Good-Bye.

Fat appetite in winter, Grasshoppers in June,
Old song 'fear' does go, but comes with a new tune;
Cries, mourning, grief and pain,
They don't last much, but they come again soon.

You can still catch your smile back if you try,
Cause there's no Good-Bye.

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