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Wednesday, 20 June 2012

I can't say Good-Bye

I can keep myself strong,
I can be here on my own,
But I can’t see myself, waking up all alone;

I can wait for a while,
I can bury the pain inside,
But how could you say me not to cry;

I know you cannot stay,
I know you went away,
So, how can I still live on this way?

I won’t again see you,
What’s life, I have no clue,
Could once again you can say I love you?

What if I give you rats and fish?
And promise to let you go to the trees?
Will you come back to me then, please?

This pain I can’t again stand,
To loose one of you, again
Come back! let this time it be different;

What will my gardens do?
What about your favourite umbrella blue?
Will you not say sometimes, that-'I miss you'?

I still remember the day you were born,
Till the day you ate your last corn,
The little whiskers I funnily teased,
The pats, so you were pleased,
The little finger that held me, when I was to move away;

On whose shoulders would you sit?
Who would force you, the ice-cream to eat?
Who will sing to you the songs?
Who will wake for you till long?
Whatever they say, but I know the mother’s lap is the best place you can stay.

I promise a better me,
I promise that you’d be free,
I will say all that you want to hear;

I know you love to hide,
And then sleep there by the side,
But baby, where are you now, I can no longer find.

I see the places you used to sit,
I know you’re not there and it feels so incomplete,
What’s my life without you; you’re the only thing I need.

I know this was your all,
I know this was your call,
May God bless you and may peace be the light in your soul,

Here’s the end to my song, no,
But I need a promise to me as you go;
Please don’t forget me ever and wait for me at the bridge over the rainbow;

I just want you to always wear that smile,
And I cannot stop my cry, but for you, I’ll try,
But oh baby, I can’t really say Good-bye.

 ((Dedicated to Chutki, my cat. R.I.P. my child))


AnSh said...

Beautifully written

God bless :)

Marley's Forever said...

hey thnx very much... :)