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Saturday, 26 November 2011


Someday I might be there,
Someday we’ll be together….
Just like the rain waits for the call,
And to its mother earth she would fall.

Cold hours play by,
I still stay warm upon the sky…
For you… For you…
Like the wings of mother protect the baby’s cry…

I decorate in sweat,
The oceans, beaches, trees and grasses wet,
For your feet shall touch it one day;
And your life will then be all beautiful nights, with no sun to set.

But you’re still far away,
Don’t know whether I’ll be able to cross the way;
But I keep walking… to you,
May be someday I’ll find you…

Among the heavy trees, and high grass,
I still try to catch a sight of you as I pass,
Like a shepherd I play the tune, though now not with the flute,
In a hope u shall return as a lost sheep to its mass.

O! My snake, return to your master,
For I’ll play the music for you to dance till I die,
O! My flower, come back to shine,
For I’ll never ever allow the sun to fare good-bye.

Thus I keep walking on this very path,
And gather all the thorns and wounds;
For I know one day, we’ll walk this path back together,
With no pain, no wounds and no sorrow…..


Precariously Whimsical said...

a great way to begin bloggin!!..way to go gal :)

Marley's Forever said...

Thnx buddy.....
Also thnx for helping out!!!!
Hope you like my work here...